Contract- Mechanical Engineer in Watertown, SD at ITW

发布日期: 3/18/2020


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  • 位置:
    Watertown, SD
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    Not Specified
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Primary Objective of Position:

6 to 12 month contract to create innovative designs for new products and redesign and maintain existing products. To provide leadership in development of both new products and new technologies. To assistance and provide expert technical advice on tooling/manufacturing engineering related to the projects being worked on.

Major Areas of Accountability:

  • Designs, develops and tests new products and redesigns existing products within established guidelines, objectives and schedules. Leads design review and verification during design and development prior to release for production.
  • Utilize the “toll-gate” practice in all new product development.
  • Defines, develops and implements solutions to product design problems through standard engineering practices and evaluations. Responsible for assuring that sound engineering practices are understood and utilized by design engineers and technicians.
  • Evaluates, develops, recommends, documents and implements manufacturing equipment, methods and processes. Obtains management agreement and support for all manufacturing methods, equipment and process improvements, including rework procedures.
  • Coordinates and manages machine rebuild or upgrade programs as necessary, including capital justification, design upgrade, machine rebuild recommendations, production management review and approval, and managing the project budget.
  • Provides appropriate documentation with regard to all aspects of product development process.
  • Evaluates design related production problems, product related customer concerns, product performance and product costs to make recommendations for design changes/improvements as directed by appropriate individuals.
  • Evaluates and writes Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) to maintain current and accurate company documents, procedures and methods.
  • Reviews, creates and modifies product instruction manuals and other literature.
  • Coordinates and reports on all project activities to the appropriate individuals and groups.
  • Contributes specialized skills for assistance to other departments as required.
  • Preserves professional and technical competence by pursuing related continuing education.
  • Supports the department team and continuous improvement concepts by suggesting changes/ improvements of processes. Assists in documentation and control of these processes in accordance with established policies/procedures.
  • Seeks and recommends ways to eliminate potential quality problems, to improve procedure and methods, and to increase department or company productivity utilizing TQC problems solving techniques.
  • Performs other work as apparent or assigned.

Supports the ITW Principals and Philosophies

  • Use of the principals and philosophies: simplify, focus, flow, empower and trust.
  • Set goals and targets, which support the company, department, and assigned tasks.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • 1+ years of experience
  • Proficiency in computer design skills and be knowledgeable in Solid Works, PDMWorks, COSMOSWorks and Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Fundamental understanding of engineering principles
  • Basic problem solving skills


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