Date Posted: 3/26/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description


The Production Coordinator shall drive actions that achieve results in key areas of the business including safety, quality, delivery, productivity, and cost savings. Within this role the Production Coordinator shall be a positive culture leader and influencer, develop employee/teams, and promote an engaged and safe workplace environment.


-Coach and develop work teams to have positive and proactive attitudes, personal accountability, and superior manufacturing quality.

-Encourage employee ownership of operations, products, and processes.

-Lead safety, quality, delivery, productivity, and cost saving initiatives through employee involvement ITW toolbox principles.

-Work closely with operations team to maintain and improve the manufacturing/assembly environment in order to respond to changing customer needs and demands through facilitating area layouts, executing action plans, and selecting equipment to improve manufacturing processes.

-Build employee relationships through daily, open, and direct communication while encouraging creativity and innovation.

-Demonstrate and encourage effective communication to personnel at all levels within the organization.

-Mentor team members to resolve conflict in a fair, consistent, and empowered manner within a team environment.

-Mentor, develop, and support Team Leaders.

-Create and maintain superior team safety awareness.

-Work closely with safety committee and team members to ensure hazards are corrected.

-Assess & evaluate team members' performance and goals regularly while supporting goal achievement.

-Assist/support teams with the utilization of available resources.

-Participate and lead committees/teams as needed.

-Build key relationships with employees and leadership team.

-Build & maintain a network of inter-company peers and subject matter experts for consultation on best practices that provide superior cost, quality, and delivery of our products to our customers.

-Drive customer service within all areas of the division.

-Provide reports on critical information.

-Understand how our production system produces and fulfills products.

-Resolve problems causing production shutdown, substandard production, and or low efficiencies whenever they occur.

-Support coordination during emergency repairs and non-routine maintenance to ensure continuous production flow.

-Provide information and collaborate with team to effectively manage production scheduling and resource planning.

-Analyze problems and sources of conflict, explores, and selects solutions, implements an action plan, and resolves issues.

-Work closely with support staff and Human Resources


  • Bachelors Degree in a related field
  • Technical acumen desired
  • 3+ years of related production supervisory experience
  • Skilled at performance management; providing formal and informal feedback to employees.
  • Detailed understanding of production/assembly equipment, and its interrelationship in regard to production flow and efficiency.
  • Strong initiative and follow through
  • Ability to recognize and solve production problems.
  • Proven experience in leading a team in a manufacturing production environment.
  • Experience in lean manufacturing concepts, quality measurements and OSHA requirements.
  • Experience in driving employee involvement/engagement and encouraging creativity.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the manufacturing cost drivers
  • Proven ability to apply ITW principles in a manufacturing environment.
  • Possess the track record of a proven leader and team player
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, takes personal accountability, coaches, listens, and is approachable.
  • Ability to resolve issues/conflicts in a timely manner.
  • Exhibits encouragement of diverse ideas, with a focus on coaching/developing strengths of team members, and the ability to facilitate effective communication between shifts.
  • Customer focused with management, support staff, customers and suppliers; understand how the business functions link together to support the customer (i.e. engineering, materials and sales)
  • Problem solving and conflict management skills.
  • Desire for continuing education and/or self-development
  • Strong oral, written and communication skills
  • Strong computer skills (Macola, Microsoft Word and Excel)

Job Requirements


  1. Bachelors Degree in a business-related field OR 3+ years of supervisory experience and demonstrated success in coaching and developing teams.
  2. Demonstrated experience leading a team in a manufacturing production environment. Experience with the following operations:  paint, sheet metal/fabrication, welding, machining and printed circuit board assembly - preferred.
  3. Demonstrated understanding of business financials.
  4. Proven ability to apply lean principles (ITW operating principles) in a manufacturing environment.
  5. Skilled at performance management and providing formal & informal feedback to employees
  6. Possess the track record of a proven leader and team player, demonstrates positive attitude, takes personal accountability, coaches, listens, approachable, and resolves issues/conflicts in timely manner and appropriate process.
  7. Exhibit encouragement of diverse ideas, focus on coaching/developing strengths of team members and facilitate effective communication between shifts
  8. Be customer-focused with management, support staff, customers and suppliers; understand how the business functions link together to support the customer (i.e. engineering, materials, and accounting)
  9. Strong computer, oral and written communication skills (Macola, Microsoft Word and Excel).


  • Possess a track record of building strong teams through talent management principles. 
  • Experience driving employee involvement/engagement and encouraging creativity.
  • Demonstrate the use of a systemic situation analysis and root-cause problem resolution process that accomplishes the “major position accountabilities” listed on page one


  • Technical
    • Reward for Results – shows appreciation and other appropriate rewards for a job well done.  Recognizes accomplishments and takes time to acknowledge.  Gives credit where credit where due.
    • Managing diversity-manages classes of people equitably, deals effectively with all people, hires a variety of individuals with different skill sets and supports equal/fair treatment and opportunity for all regardless of regardless of background, age, gender
    • Manage vision and purpose – communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose, creates mileposts and symbols to rally support behind the vision.
    • Building effective teams – blends appropriate skill sets into a team, manages and optimizes differences, fosters open dialogue, ensures accountability and shares wins and losses.
    • Planning – Sets objectives/goals; breaks down work into process steps; develops schedules and task/people assignments; helps eliminate barriers, measures performance against goals; evaluates results.
    • Drive for Results – a consistent top performer, pushes self and others for results, can be counted on to successfully exceed goals.
    • Directing Others – lays out work in a well planned/organized manner, maintains two way dialogue with others on work and results, establishes clear directions, sets stretch objectives.
    • Priority Setting – spends time and the time of others on what’s important – zero’s in on the critical few, creates focus.
    • Hiring & Staffing – hires the best people available, is not afraid of selecting strong people, assembles talented staffs.
  • Interpersonal/People Leadership
    • Understanding others – understand why/how groups do what they do, knows what they value and how to engage/motivate them.
    • Humor – has a positive and constructive sense of humor and keeps the humor appropriate
    • Confronting Direct Reports – deals with problems firmly and timely, doesn’t allow problems to fester, not afraid to make tough calls.
    • Compassion – genuinely cares about people, is concerned about their work/non-work problems, is available and ready to help, demonstrates empathy over others’ joys and pains.
    • Personal Disclosure/Relationship Builder – shares thoughts about his/her own personal strengths and weaknesses, admits mistakes, is open and easy to get to know.
    • Listening – practices attentive and active listening, is patient to hear people out, can accurately restate the opinions of others.
    • Approachability/Interpersonal Savvy – easy to approach, spends extra effort to put others at ease, builds rapport and constructive/effective relationships, and relates well to all kinds of people regardless of their position.
    • Motivating Others /Engagement  - creates a climate in which people want to do their best, able to assess individual’s hot buttons and use it to get the best out of the individual, empowers others, invites input, shares ownership and visibility  someone people like working for and with.

Integrity and Trust – widely trusted and is seen as a direct, truthful person, keeps confidences, admits


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