National Sales Manager in London at ITW Construction Products

Date Posted: 1/6/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The National Sales Manager will manage and support the development of our regional sales team in a dynamic and fast moving market. Working closely with the Business Unit Manager and Marketing Manager the National Sales Manager will engage in and understand the business strategy to aid the development of sales and market/brand position.

This candidate will become knowledgeable about the market and our competitive advantages in order to best recommend new sales strategies for success. 


  • Deliver on agreed company target revenue and net profit and to ensure that this sector grows at a speed which is beyond standard market growth
  • Develop a strategy to manage the sales teams approach to pricing, product range and placement. Whilst continuing to assess the opportunity for growth in new channels outside of current portfolio
  • Identify opportunities through Customer research, for further assessment of offering and new product development opportunities to enhance our value proposition to the customer
  • Engage in pro-active coaching and mentoring of the sales team to ensure that we and they in turn are operating at full potential.
  • Take responsibility for a small number of Key Accounts across varied types of selling channels (Independents, Nationals, online)
  • Ensure that sales management KPI’s are aligned with our business strategy and helping us to work towards our business goals.

Job Requirements

  • A good standard of education
  • Experience of sales preferably across multi distribution channels with specific focus on fast moving markets and products
  • Experience of making good strategic decisions to support business growth and increase profitability
  • Able to evidence having an impact on the business by identifying opportunities, creating solutions and implementing them
  • Evidence of managing and developing a Sales team & Structure
  • A strong leader- Capability to inspire the team, aligning them around the strategy, explaining the What and the Why